Vedantic Wednesday : Who Will Cry When You Die?

No! This is not a review of the popular title written by Robin Sharma. I have not read it still. This is around the thought that most of us have running in the background,

PAYSAG~1We had a visitor from our native village last week. As always this brought out lots of old time connects, recollection of interesting, good and not so good happenings of the past, discussions around the temple etc. The visitor described vividly the last rites of a rather well known personality around our native. A person who we all have heard of but not seen. He went on to tell us how people in large numbers from all neighbouring villages had assembled for the last rites and he ended it with a clichéd sentence that one often hears ‘ I don’t know whether anyone will even cry at my funeral’

I am sure many people who had come for the man’s funeral also had the same thought. Of the many measures to know how one has lived their life I realised, the number of people who come for one’s funeral is highly respected. Just that you will never know how you performed on this one. All others will.

Wouldn’t it be better had all the people assembled for the funeral spent fraction of the time on a different question? Could they have thought and examined what had made people flock to the man when he was alive? What was it that the man did in his lifetime that benefitted his community? Can these actions be emulated? Instead of wondering about who will grieve over your death– can you think about who are the people who rejoice because you live?

There is no greater fear than death. It is said that this fear accounts for the acquisition acts of human beings. Fear of death drives us without our own knowledge to seek protection in wealth, people – we go about collecting both with the hope that they would be there at the time of our death and beyond; like a wall. Even at the point of our death, we are inwardly focused. The irony is palpable.

Let’s not be  bothered about who will cry when we die – lets be more bothered about who will smile when we live! For this alone will make living worthwhile – for us and others.


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