Two more reading lists from 2012

Many times when you go through your normal day, you realize that much of the conversations are actually not getting you too excited or even useful. The reason being, most people are too optimistic or too pessimistic. In those rare situations where you meet the realist / pragmatist, things only get worse. They leave you confused.

Most often i have resorted to reading to keep my not so useful conversations down. I write a weekly review of the books i read (Check for Books and Me for recent reviews). These have helped readers identify books that have enhanced their work and their lives. So when i come across book lists, i generally tend to dig into them to find a few gems that i can pick for my next read. And once in a while i share the lists i read as well – so that people who love to find their gems can do so as well. So today while i was reading online, i came across two interesting lists of books. Please see if you will like the many books mentioned in each of them.

Greg’s 2012 Digital Tonto Reading List is a interesting list of books across subjects. Whatever be your interest, you are bound to find some useful and enlightening picks.


Maria Popova’s article on 10 favorites and the messages from them is an interesting and different list.


Happy Reading!


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