Interesting Links This Week: 30-Dec-2012

I came across many interesting links  as i spent time soaking up information and knowledge online. Hope you will enjoy them as you spend your New Year Holidays! Seasons Greetings! Here are three of them:

What did the world search this year? As we become more of a ‘search for when needed’ world, the people who try to service the search requests need to keep a close tab on what people actually search for! Trends in search, especially from Google are important while we attempt to get ‘attention’ in our attention deficit world.


I have always been interested in what McKinsey & Company publishes, simply because i have been a fan of Marvin Bower. So, when they publish their list of top 10 articles of the year – i thought it would be something that all of us in institutions will love to read. All of us may have missed many interesting thoughts, but here is a chance to know what the world (readers) thinks is the best from their stable for the year.


Everybody aims to learn something in the coming year. Living in the knowledge era, no one can ignore learning. But when we meet knowledge workers, the bigger problem for them is – what to learn? How to set priorities for learning? Here is a short article for an interesting thinker. It contains some tips for learning.



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