Books and Me: What the Plus!

Title: What the Plus! Google Plus for the rest of uswhat-the-plus-500x750[1]

Author: Guy Kawasaki

This short book of fewer than 200 pages is a quick startup guide to Google Plus. With numerous screen shots, pictures and links it is a super quick read. Guy does a lovely job of evangelizing G+. I’m not surprised by the blurb on the back cover by Vic Gundotra, praising Guy to have helped Google in preparing this guide to G+. While so many people claim to be social media experts – Guy is definitely one who can speak on it with authority. His following and popularity on the web, makes a strong case for anyone to learn from him.

The first thing I did post reading the book was join G+. Though I have been on it only for a few days, I can see numerous benefits on staying further on this platform. Interesting stuff such as social search, hangouts, concept of circles and power to choose on social networks, make the platform interesting. The book gives you a clear and to the point help in starting off in Google Plus.

While the best way to learn swimming is to jump into the pool, it makes sense to understand some basics before taking the dive! In a similar fashion, while most people would say its best to jump in to Google Plus and learn it as you go – reading this quick book from Guy can make our experimentation more enjoyable and fruitful.

A couple of chapters by other experts using the medium, make it clear that collaboration is the quickest way to stay relevant in this modern highly networked and fast changing world. Apart from getting the basics on Google Plus, I also took away some tips on being successful in the virtual world. Thanks Guy for this useful guide. Hope to catch up with you on G+ and remain useful to the entrepreneurial community at large!

If you are on Google Plus (or intend to join in) – do join me:


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