On Leadership: Clarion Call For Clarity

One of the first things which demarcate successful leaders from others is their clarity. Clarity is not just the ability to clearly think through situations. It is to understand the intention of the company, its purpose, its goals, its ZooAfricanLionculture, its strategy, its people and amongst other things, themselves. When a leader clearly understands each of these, they becomes light, free, aggressive and action oriented. What stops execution most of the time is not lack of energy, but dissipation of it due to confusion. When senior leaders in a firm are confused because of changing signals from the external environment, it makes the situation worse for others associated with the firm.

Successful leaders need to be sure about what they want to achieve and not keep changing them too often. The ‘how’ may need to change often especially in today’s turbulent world. But a changing ‘what’ – just confuses all who deal with the leader and the firm. Employees, vendors and even customers become confused. They see changing signals – leading them to distrust the firm and the individual.

If you want to keep you staff together, keep them energized, keep them action oriented – first develop the clarity for yourself. With clarity comes conviction and energy to persist. When people see a person with clarity and conviction – they automatically tend to follow.

So begin now and seek clarity! That is what is needed today, interestingly at all levels of leadership!


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