Books and Me: Leadership In The Era of Economic Uncertainty

Title: Leadership in the era of Economic Uncertainty                       ram charan

Author: Ram Charan

Ram Charan is a much sought after consultant. His books are interesting, practical and highly applicable almost instantaneously. As a regular reader of his books, I decided to pick this title as part of a research I have initiated on ‘managing in turbulent times’. The book is typical Ram Charan. After the first few pages of high level inputs on the nature of turbulence in the business world, he dives straight into what each one in the organization must contribute so that the organization can survive and thrive in rough weather.

Normally when I read a book, I mark up things that trigger some thoughts for contemplation and write down stuff that I can share with my consulting clients. With respect to Ram Charan’s book, there are scribbles, underlines and notes all along the margins. As to my notebook, there are just many things that are straight and to the point for application in most businesses. My favorite chapter is the first one “The challenge of managing in a toxic environment”.

The intent of the ideas are as much applicable to organizations of every size. I have been recommending this to my client CEO’s, insisting they read not just the chapters aimed at them but look at the other chapters aimed at innovation, finance and human resources as well. Since most of my consulting and training services are to mid-sized enterprises in Asia Pacific region, I ask them to look up the whole book – as it is common here for senior personnel to oversee more than one function. Though the concepts seem straight, some amount of customization of the views presented could be required before applying to their business.
Though the book is much shorter than what it seems by its layout, it is quite an intense read. The book is aimed at leaders who have to steer the organization through the recession. The author’s experience of working with large corporations is reflective in the chapters. With some customization of the ideas, they seem useful to small and medium enterprises as well.


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