On Leadership: Lead, Follow or Move Away!

Leadership as they say is not something that comes with position or achievement. You can become one only if you desire toLeadership-picture be one and have the skill, perseverance and genuineness to serve. Leadership then is a choice – one that very few make.

Most often we elevate people to lead us because they have done well in some area of their lives. But sadly, while a few graduate to the needs of their followers, most others don’t.  Those who don’t graduate tend to hold on to their position; making the followers go astray.  Some even misuse their power to retain a limited following. Not only are they doing a disservice to themselves but also to the future generations. By not leading while retaining their position in the front, they are not allowing the next generation of leaders to grow. Very often they are allowed by their followers to continue leading, only because there is no other alternative available. We see this happening in firms, institutions and in any form of comunity where a group of people gather together for a common cause.

It is up to the leaders to recognize their strengths, enable their followers to march on till they can, and step aside when they find there are better people to do it. The last quality is especially important because that is a mark of a true leader – one who thinks more for the general good than for themselves. The lack of maturity to acknowledge this is what creates a lacunae of leaders around us.

The mantra that should guide a leader is ‘Lead, Follow or Move Away’. It is in everybody’s good to do it. Take the responsibility if you have it in you, follow others if you are still unsure else just move out of the way so that others may lead! Because true leaders are the ones who not just lead, but allow leaders to emerge around them and give them way to lead at the appropriate time.  


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