Books and Me: The $100 Startup

Title: The $100 Startup

Author: Chris Guillebeau100$ startup

This is a unique book. It is aimed at those who want to be solopreneurs / micropreneurs. These are entrepreneurial individuals, who have something that they are really good at, want to live a life doing that if possible, and make a decent living for themselves and their dependents and most importantly are not too keen on creating an institution around the business. We find numerous enterprises like these in India. In fact many of the Tiny / Micro and even many small enterprises in India belong to this category.

This book explains why it could be possible for more people with similar inclinations to get started quickly. Though the title is provocative stating that such businesses can be started off for as low as US $100 or INR 5000/- (approximately) – it should not be taken in the literal sense. Most example cited in the book get very close to that figure with exceptions stretching far higher

But if one reads the book, it is very unlikely that he/she will put it down without thinking that they could be in business very soon. Though I run a boutique professional services firm, I kept constantly thinking of extensions for my own business, which is primarily talent/person focused. The author has done a wonderful job of ensuring that he does not stop with enticing the reader
to dream. He takes the reader through all necessary aspects of the business namely: ideation, opportunity mapping, designing products/services, business planning, marketing, pricing and even strategies for growth. All these topics
have been written from the perspective of a micropreneur.

I would strongly suggest this book to aspiring entrepreneurs as well as people who have the entrepreneurial bug, but feel that they have missed the bus with respect to starting a firm. The author will convince you with enough reasons to get started either on the side or by taking the plunge full time. So if you are one of those who is on the verge of losing a job, who wants to let go of the job or not finding the right job – stop worrying and read this book!


2 thoughts on “Books and Me: The $100 Startup

    1. Thanks Tarualatha.. This book is one that we can turn to everytime we feel we need that dose of inspiration to plough on further…

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