On Strategy: Figuring Your Formula

When one builds an institution especially a startup – they don’t want anything mundane or repetitive.  But the truth is, if you 800px-Dew_on_nasturtium_leafwant to build an enterprise you need to find something that is repeatable.  If you cannot find that one thing that your organization can do repeatedly in a profitable manner – you will find yourself doing a lot of interesting work without really making much money.

Repeatability, may mean different things for different enterprises. Can Apple only work on creating new models and not look at ways to efficiently and effectively mass-produce and sell the products? How is Apple able to repeatedly figure out new devices that we all get addicted to? Even in the most creative enterprises around the world, there is repeatability but in a more subtle manner.

In everything that happens in nature, there is a pattern. Venture creation is no exception.  However what gets celebrated is the creative side of business.  Only if you can offer in a consistent manner (repeatable) the creative solution, will you have a sustainable enterprise. A good entrepreneur is one who looks for repeatability in the solutions, services or products he thinks of offering.  For that is the secret formula of a successful business.


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