Vedantic Wednesday: If It Is Mine Then It Is Not Me

In the last two blogs – we have looked at the seed of doubt with which the spiritual journey starts and the first postulate  that can help in raising this doubt. Here comes the second one.

Do read this with the warning this is as simple as what the earlier line of reasoning was.  Observe all those things that we call as ours. My Book, My Pen, My Child, My Mother, My Job, My Car, My this.. that and the other.800px-BeachDog

Whenever we assert our ‘Mine’ness over something, we understand that this something is external to us. That is ‘we’ are the experiencer and we exert our assertion over something that is different and outsied of us.  So when saying My Book; we know the Book is not us. The same with My Pen, My Child and so on…So when we say My Body – it is but obvious that we are something different and beyond the body.

So think on what is this which is different from the body.  What is the one that claiming ownership of the body? What is this YOU that is beyond and outside of the body?

When we get this question –  we begin to doubt that what we have been led to believe all our life could be wrong. The choice ahead of us is to dismiss this line of questioning or follow it to seek answers. With the latter choice starts the wonderful spiritual journey!


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