On Entrepreneurship: What Is Your Startup’s Singular Goal?

Every startup is created with a specific goal which often gets buried pretty soon into the venture’s operation.Soca nördlich von Kobarid

The goal to do that one thing that its founders want to do, which is of value to both the receiver (customer) and giver (firm). With regards to this there is one key consideration: Will the entrepreneur / founding team enjoy doing it consistently and sustainably over time?

While an emphatic ‘Yes’ should lead one to check the viability of enterprise from other angles, even a slightly doubtful ‘Yes’ should make the team stop and take stock.  Otherwise even if the venture is economically viable, it is going to make the journey extremely stressful.

Very often we overlook in our excitement the difference between our interest and creation of a venture around our interest. The difference between the two is as stark as love for singing and founding of a Music school.   And many entrepreneurs have lost steam midway because they failed to realise in the beginning that running a Music School  is very different from singing.

Hence when we were researching on the concept of Idea to Opportunity Maps – we brought in the entrepreneur’s perspective.  Because creating a venture around your passion may really not quench your thirst.  It will give you many other thrills but you may not be seeking them. Unless your aspirations as an individual can be satisfied by the goal of your startup, you may not have a good enough case to begin with!


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