On Leadership: Where is the Lid?

During the 3 days at ISBA 2013 conference, I came across numerous leaders, doctorates, scholars, teachers, policy makers, incubator managers and entrepreneurs. In many different ways they all made references to creating leaders in the Indian 800px-Kalymnos_2005_022entrepreneurship ecosystem. As in many other areas in India, this ecosystem also requires strong visionary leaders to pave the path. While a lot of aspects were discussed one particular issue stood out – mindset.  Without exception most speakers and practitioners (off the stage) shared the feeling! Without a change in mindset most policies, strategies, plans are not going to work. This is because a 5 Litre container can only take 5 Litres of milk. If you want it to pour more you need a bigger container. This means lifting the lid to a greater height.

So, one of the things that leaders need to do is increase their capacity to take on more. This will only arise as a result of changing your mindset. To do this one needs to explore newer avenues, tread un-walked paths, question the accepted, apply differential thinking etc. This means we need more entrepreneurial leaders. The question is can we create them? How?

I came away from the conference with great hopes for a stronger India. It also gave me re-assurance on things that I am working on currently:

è Strategy & Scaling Solutions

è Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Lots of work to do…………


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