On Entrepreneurship: In What Lies an Entrepreneur’s Joy?

Many times small business owners start with the enthusiasm and gradually lose steam. They almost do the business more as a routine way of earning the needed wealth. There is no joy or thrill in running the venture. KID

This leads to the question – where does the entrepreneur derive joy from? Is it the activity or the result? Drawing on ancient wisdom stated in so many texts, and essayed beautifully in Bhagavad Gita, joy cannot be derived from the outcome for longer periods. Be it name, fame, wealth or any other aspect. For how much ever you have, there would be someone or something that is one notch above us.  This leads us to a fundamental perspective – that joy has to come from the act of doing and not from the results of the act.

It is then important for an entrepreneur to find area based on his or her nature which could be made useful to someone. The venture should be anchored in dynamics that supports the nature and preferences of the entrepreneur.  The purpose of the venture should be tied to what the entrepreneur cherishes and wants to do.  This alone will ensure despite the crests and troughs of entrepreneurship, the entrepreneur will wake up each morning wanting to do more of what he is doing.

This then is the real meaning of what people call joy of work. It is all the more important for an entrepreneur because they in turn serve as an inspiration to many others around them. Taking the entrepreneurial route is good for every one of us – but it has to be taken in the real sense, for the thrill of doing what you love doing. Any successful entrepreneur’s story (not just the popular ones) will stand testimony for this!


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