On Leadership: Showing The Way

The reason people follow someone is because they are not sure of the way,  or they want someone more courageous to lead Gandhi_Salt_March-croppedthem on the path they want to walk, or they need directions etc., Fundamentally they seek support, inspiration, direction and someone to trust!

So, if you want to be a leader you need to be sure of where you are going, communicate it clearly, allow people to decide to follow you, inspire them to continue the journey, show them that you are moving  along towards the milestone, walk the talk by leading them from the front. In today’s world most of the leaders find it very difficult to do two things:

a)      Walking the Talk (Building Trust)

b)     Staying the Course (Displaying Consistency)

This is leading to a lot of people who speak, inspire and then let down. This has made the followers get worried on whom to follow. They run after their leaders faithfully in circles – realizing very late that they are just where they started or worse find themselves where they never wanted to be.

Hence we need a leadership revival, one that will produce authentic, genuine and committed leaders who will put the cause ahead of themselves and show people the way. We can see examples in Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi. It’s time the world has more of them.

Are you ready for the challenge – the challenge to take on the responsibility of leadership?


4 thoughts on “On Leadership: Showing The Way

  1. Excellent info you shared and it’s in the perfect time for me.. I have been holding various technical positions so far and getting into project management positions starting April..

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