Books and Me: The Truth About Leadership

Title: The Truth About LeadershipThe truth about

Authors: James M. Kousez & Barry Z. Posner

Kousez and Posner are leading thinkers on the subject of leadership. If you are even remotely interested in the subject it is very unlikely that you have not yet read a book of theirs. The duo have produced many classics on leadership over the past decades.

In today’s turbulent world, even established organizations, are being tested for their stability and sustainability.  Small emerging enterprises are facing enormous challenges with respect to managing people. The overarching trend towards knowledge and information is also increasing the need for leading over managing. Leadership as a subject is probably the most written about in business and management. Right from identifying traits, behaviours and approaches, to suggesting systems and techniques – this body of literature seems swelling by the day. This trend only indicates the acute demand for thoughts on this subject. The authors themselves have some of the highest selling books to their credit in the genre.

This little book that can probably be completed in just a couple of hours has the essence of the subject that has lasted probably a generation. The authors have taken effort in identifying those aspects of leadership that have remained unchanged through the history of the subject.  While at the first glance the ten truths listed by the authors seem obvious, it is only when we immerse in their detailing that we get to understand their deeper connotations. The book is not a quick fix to any leadership problems, but a reassurance on the importance of leading and the responsibility that leaders must take on for the sake of the larger good.


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