Vedantic Wednesday: The Sunny SELF

Last week many people got back to me on the blog identifying well with the analogy of the sun and the SELF.  As I was going through some texts this week – i stumbled upon another comparison between SELF and Sun. Not wanting to dismiss this stumble as coincidence, I felt I should share it with all of you.

All of us – whether we are on the spiritual journey or not, are always seeking happiness. Vast majority amongst us seek it in the external objects, few seek it internally and the rest are attempting to see inside while clinging on to the outside world. So what will make us see the SELF? What is it that will make us realise our true nature? Is it knowledge? Is it deep study? Is it meditation?

Nature of SELF by itself is knowledge. SELF is complete and indestructible. It knows what it knows and what it does not know. Using any medium to seek SELF is like trying to search for the Sun using a torch light.  You do not need anything other than the light of the sun to see it.  Similarly SELF  does not require any other instruments.  It is self-luminous. This is because the nature of SELF itself is knowledge. This capacity of SELF to reveal itself to us through a very personal and individual experience (bliss) without seeking the aid of any other piece of knowledge is called ‘SELF effulgence’.  This principal of absolute knowledge is call ‘Cit’

All other worldly and spiritual knowledge and texts can only take us to the extent that we are able to understand what is NOT this absolute. The last leap of discovery happens fueled by the SELF itself.  It is to reach this last but one point – we have to take the help of available knowledge.  And then when we are prepared, the SELF will reveal itself in all its pristine glory, illuminated by its own power and light!


One thought on “Vedantic Wednesday: The Sunny SELF

  1. It is still not very clear because i haven’t experienced anything in absolute as yet. In my opinion and experience everything in this world is relative; even a mother’s love. So its a bit difficult to imagine what self – knowledge in the absolute sense may feel/look like

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