On Innovation: Learning to Observe

One of the first things that successful innovators learn as a skill is ‘observation’. Learning to observe what? Problems, challengesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA, frustrations etc., that potential customers face on a daily basis. Learning to observe these opens up plethora of opportunities for innovations.

If we ask people what they want, they may never know. But if you engage with them in conversation about what bothers them or what is it that they want to achieve – it will open up unseen and undiscovered needs and wants.

All such opportunities are potential centres for ideation. When we ideate around opportunities we create solutions that are useful for the market. These innovations are potential business ideas. The entrepreneur’s search for an appropriate business model should happen after this. Else innovation could remain as mere fantasies and hopes.

We need more successful entrepreneurs. For this we need successful innovations. For this we need market centric solutions. For this we need to know what the market wants. For this we need to observe more.

So if you want to become more innovative..observe more!


2 thoughts on “On Innovation: Learning to Observe

  1. Sir… Creative thoughts about innovation. I have some dis agreements with the term innovation which is generally used. For me innovation should be something which make the mass peoples life better in one way or the other. But the general idea is any new thing which facilitates the marketer to extract common men’s money is innovation. That is wrong and the innovation should give some thing to the society in general.

    1. Well Said Suhail! Innovation like any other skill that we possess wihtin ourselves is worthy only when it is put to the larger society’s use. Any other short term view is only temporary!

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