Books and Me: The Power of Habit

Title: The Power Of Habit The power of habit

Author: Charles Duhigg

Many of us believe strongly that we live our lives making choices and that too rational ones. It is this myth that gets broken on reading this book.  Very early into the book one is made to reflect and observe one’s own daily routines. Even a superficial reflection, exposes to us how habits rule our lives.  The power of habits which we highly underestimate is detailed through numerous examples and cases throughout the book.  The habit loop described by the author seems extremely simple and straight forward. It is to this obvious cycle that we smart human beings fall prey.

Almost every one of us without exception wants to improve our life which boils down to bringing about changes and developing new disciplines. This book will arm you with the fundamental key that brings about the change successfully. Becoming conscious of the existence of the habit loop in our daily lives is the first step towards changes that we desire to bring about.

On reading the book you would expect it to have been written by a veteran scientist of human behaviour. It will surprise you to know that Charles Duhigg is an award winning journalist.  A  close to sixty page section on notes and references at the end of the book speaks about the tremendous effort taken by the author to bring out the essence of habit formation and change. The references are varied across disciplines and seem almost impossible for any of us individually to read them and make connects, thus making the book a worthy contribution, especially for the practitioner of habits – which is almost every one of us!

The author’s short appendix titled ‘A reader’s guide to using these ideas’ provides an actionable framework which we can put to use.  I have successfully put to use post my reading, this framework and managed to form couple of useful habits and realised first hand that this actually works.


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