Books and Me: The Lean Startup

Title: The Lean StartupThe Lean Startup

Author: Eric Ries

There are many books on entrepreneurship, few match up to the extent of detailing that Eric Ries provides on the key aspect – starting up. For a long time starting up a business was always thought of as an art, which only the blessed were to practice. It is only in recent times, that the science behind the creation of new enterprises has gained momentum. Eric Ries’s book on this subject is definitely a catalyst to this shift.  Being from a technology background with lot of exposure to product development, his personal experience seems to have shaped the lean startup philosophy.

The author has borrowed extensively the principles of lean methodology and has carefully adapted them to a startup’s needs. He has also developed a clear methodology to turn the philosophy into a practically implementable approach. The number of examples quoted in the book of both new start-ups as well as existing enterprises venturing into new areas provide enough food for thought to the reader.

It is not surprising that the lean movement is catching up across the world with evangelists springing up in support of the movement from various disciplines.  Though the book seems to be most suitable for product start-ups especially in technology, there are number of strong takeaways even for entrepreneurs in services and other traditional industries as well. Overall an interesting and an useful book if you are interested in enterprise creation, especially of a startup.


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