Books and Me: Scenes From A Writer’s Life

Title: Scenes From A Writer’s Life scenes-from-writer-s-life-a-memoir-275x275-imadahydpphnfgch

Author: Ruskin Bond

One does not come across very often a book with subtitle ‘A memoir’, which is less than 200 pages. It becomes even more surprising when the author is a much celebrated personality. Adding spice to this line of thinking is the fact that the author is still active in his profession. Ruskin Bond’s attempt at writing this seems to me as more as an attempt to capture the story of the making of a writer.  His honest and straight forward approach of his early days, his motivations, his challenges, his relationships are indeed touching. The portion where he describes the short but intense relationship with his dad is emotional and moving.

There are many reasons why a person turns to books. Bond’s difficulties, challenges and loses during his early childhood seems to have left him lonely and empty.  To fill this gap, he seems to have turned to books that created a world of his own in which he gained optimism, inspiration and love towards reading. This relationship with books and large amounts of time spent in solitude allowed him the time to discover his calling in life, namely writing.

The story behind an author’s first publication that gives recognition is always inspiring. Bond’s is no exception.  The story of the publication of his first masterpiece ‘The room on the roof’ should be re-read a number of times by every aspiring writer. His love for nature, his love for his extended family, friends and India comes very strongly as you leaf through the book. Anyone who has read this would agree with me in saying that we are left wanting to know more about him.


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