The Rot Of Routine

Yesterday, in my blog post I had recounted a recent experience of mine and shared thoughts around it. I’m sure many times in life, we have been like that group of young adults flying for the first time.  With every ‘First’ experience, we have had the Boredexhilarating feeling of ‘Thrill of First’. If we would look back we can recount the first time we held a desired gadget, first time we drove a bike, first time we fell in love, first time we were offered a hand of friendship, first time we started up our business – each of these first time(s) have been truly unique.

But over time the sheen of the ‘first-ness’ fades.  In life, the rate of dissipation of the excitement is exponential. What appeared as life consuming passion begins to look more and more like – just another job. What seemed to start as a relationship that holds the key to our happiness turns out to be an obligation, an act of duty. What seemed to delight us at every turn seems to irritate us now by its sheer predictability.

When this happens, there are two routes that we all take – be it our personal and professional life.

When the ‘Thrill of First’ is all gone, what is left behind is a transaction of mere utilitarian value.  By trying to put a system around many of our habits, we begin to fill our days with predictable routines.  While initially it does seem to increase efficiency; over time our ability to get surprised ebbs away. Life in short moves from an adventure to a planned tour to just the same place over and over again.

The second approach few of us take, is seeking newer avenues to excite us. As we master one aspect, get comfortable and make it a routine, our mind instantly reaches out to something fresh that will give us the ‘Thrill of First’.  To avoid the pitfall of falling into a predicable aka boring life, we become restless in seeking fresh avenues of experience. This makes us to constantly move between options and choices. This constant moving does not allow us to leverage any aspect/opportunity to its fullest. Before we can establish ourselves in something, we have spotted something better. We are constantly running.

If we sit and examine our decisions at both the professional and personal fronts, we can see many points at which we have taken one of the following routes to combat what I refer to as ‘The Rot of Routine’

How can this be avoided? Can this be avoided at all?

From where can we get ideas for this? Is the bigger picture of our universe giving us some clues? More on this in the coming days….

Keep thinking… And reading!


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