Vedantic Wednesday: Life is an Art!

Have you ever seen a poet at work? A photographer? A musician? A painter? A sculptor? You will see a true representative of the above group – getting excited at the most mundane of things! They have a unique way of perceiving the routine 419PX-~1happenings of the day and break into a rapturous practice of their skill.

A poet often claims he derives inspiration from nature. And nature does not change in the macro-manner every day. Once you see a flower bloom – you can scientifically say you have seen all flowers bloom.

But every time a flower blooms – a poet is inspired to compose a poem, a photographer is inspired to click a snap, a musician breaks into a rapture, a painter plays with his colours and so on… A childlike enthusiasm grabs them at every encounter.

What they see is the invisible divine hand that is shaping the act to perfection. If you search for that hand behind the work in every aspect of your day, you cannot help being surprised at the precision with which the orchestra of life is being played. You cannot fail to be enthralled by the scenes that unfold in front of you – for you.

Sounds far-fetched?

Many of us may have undertaken journey by air multiple times. We have gotten into the flight, settled into the smaller than required seats, and taken a book or paper with a passive acceptance of a routine journey.  This happens because we claim to have understood the act of taking a plane between destinations. Hence there is nothing new in this for us. But have we actually understood it all?

Do we know how the flight weighing tonnes is able to take off the ground? Do we know how with no signs in the sky we are navigated with precision between our destinations? Do we know how our aircraft pierces through the cloud cover? Do they break and reorganize? How the colourless water vapour give white color to the clouds? Why are they all not together but are hanging out in groups? Do we know how it would feel to touch the passing clouds?

A single flight holds so many questions. For few of these, science can give us the answer. But few of these will remain a puzzle – pure and unadulterated by worldly knowledge. When you allow this to come to your mind – you cannot help be touched by the splendour and beauty of what you are experiencing.  You cannot remain without being inspired. You cannot remain without feeling the thrill. And when you get inspired, when you feel the thrill  – your life becomes an art.

When you realize that what you don’t know will always be greater than what you will ever get to understand, you begin to live life as an adventure, stumbling upon amazing and endless discoveries. Every time the sun rises it brings to you a tickler – reminding you of the unseen hand at work. Every time you hear a bird sing, see a child play, feel the cool breeze – you stop to admire, appreciate and acknowledge the power beyond human comprehension.  You escape then the ‘Rot of Routine’ and embrace the ‘Thrill of first’

What do you think?


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