It could be the first time for Your Customer

Well, the Thrill of First for the young chaps proved a point of great consternation to the flight team. They were visibly 800px-Colossos_Heide_Park_Soltau_Germanyrelieved to have the group de-board the plane at Chennai.  As the thoughts around this incident, were organizing themselves in my mind, I was wondering how many of us feel the same way when we deal with our first time customers?

For these first time customers – sales team in all probability would have bent their back to get them into the firm’s fold. Now, this customer expects a certain level of service for which the delivery and operation’s team are made to toil. Quite often, ‘the first time customer’ label gets many favors for the client – with the business constantly fuming underneath. When the project is completed you breathe a sigh of relief rather than a shout of success!

On another note, first time customers genuinely face adjustment issues. In their nervousness of having to trust you without knowing you; they tend to adopt a veneer of being demanding, cautious and superior. This attitude makes establishing the equation with them even tougher.

In midst of these two forces at play, the customer de-boards at the destination. And quite often does not return.

So once again the sales team starts to court another ‘First Time Customer’.

Is there a lesson that we can learn from the flight experience? Is it possible that the aviation company can identify its first time passengers? Could it have then designed a quick orientation to make these passengers feel special and comfortable while ensuring the rules of the game are politely but firmly drawn? Could they have trained their ground staff and crew to understand the level of expectation, the concerns and the curiosity of the ‘First Time Customers’? Would these have resulted in a better overall experience for all involved?

Do we have some lessons on how we treat our first time customers here? Is that line of extrapolation worth a thought?

PS (assuming blogs have PS): For the first time visitors and the wanderers who have landed on this post, this is a continuation of the thought process that was triggered by an innocuous experience that I had on a recent flight to Chennai. To follow the trail of thoughts you may want to start from the beginning Thrill of First, Rot of RoutineLife is an Art 



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