Engaging Your Customers

What started this Monday as sharing of an experience, led itself into a stream of thoughts and possibilities that I have been 518px-Cat_and_dogsharing over the last four days. The one you are reading is also an extension in the same line of thinking and also its culmination.

Yesterday’s blog discussed some thoughts around capitalizing the ‘Thrill of First’ of our customers. But what happens to the majority of our customers who have been with us for a long time? With many of them our business may have established a certain level of comfort and along with it a mutual plane of expectation and tolerance. At some point this could degenerate into ‘Rot Of Routine’.

Those of us in business long enough would have invariably experienced the ‘yanking of the carpet’.  Just because you have been with your customer for a long period of time, does not guarantee immunity against an ouster by a stranger.  Most firms live in the fear of upcoming and interesting competition, which can change the level of the playing field overnight.

Some of the questions given below and thoughts in those lines could help us overcome such uncertainties and fears – by channelizing our efforts in the right directions:

Do you consider yourself a part of your customer’s business growth? What are the steps that your firm is taking to keep the freshness alive in the relationship? Is your customer seeing visible efforts taken by you to change yourself to cater to his changing scenario? Is he seeing your organization and its competencies evolve to measure up to his future challenges? Can he see you think ahead for him? Can he see your involvement in his Is he involved enough in your growth journey? How responsible is he feeling towards your growth?

There are many theories and techniques professed in the literature of customer relationship management, sales, strategy and innovation – that talk about the why and how of intensely engaging with customers.  But according to me the simplest way is to be genuinely interested in your customer’s growth at the intention level and display commitment to the common cause of his firm’s growth through your actions!

Any thoughts?


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