What is Growth?

I am heading on Wednesday to meet a group of entrepreneurs at Trichy STEP (trec-step).  I have been asked to speak to them398px-Redwood_Tree_silhouette_-_Miskin_Manor_Hotel_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1373921 on aspects of growth and how one ought to view Growth. As I was mulling over this some thoughts came to my  mind on – What exactly is Growth? Have we understood its contours as they deserve to be understood?

  • When you look at a mammal other than man, within matter of days if not hours, they learn to fend for themselves.  Does that mean they can boast of a better growth than a human being?
  • There are firms that have lasted for 100 years but are still obscure in terms of their revenue. There are also firms that have come on the horizon, grown very fast in numbers but one wonders of their longevity. Which among these have grown?
  • Growth we are told is painful. But when growth is natural we are told the pain is far less. Then why do we so often intervene? As human beings why we goad a child to walk and not wait for it to learn? Why do we goad it to talk and recite – without waiting for it to pick on its own? Is this intervention good – in life and in business?
  • Is growth a year on year figure? Is it linear? Or does it move only through periods of consolidation? Can you run and direct your course? When you are running does it make sense to stop, to determine the direction? Is that even practical?

I am not sure of the answers yet.

But I know growth means different things in different context. I understand there is an underlying motivation for growth and understanding that is key.  But till I figure more out – why don’t we share our thoughts on these!


2 thoughts on “What is Growth?

  1. A very well written thought provoking article. i agree with what you are saying. Many a times I also wonder why are we the slaves for growth. Let the time shape the things, with too much of human intervention. Mark my work – Too Much.
    I see lots of people in this world crazy about growth, and wonder sometimes … WHY is it so? Even I dont have an answer, but somewhere I feel, too much obsession for growth is leading to decline in quality of life, our values, our culture…

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