The shape of Growth

For many of us growth is linear. We grow tall, we make more money, we earn more, we have grown from 3% market share to Card_castle610% etc But is growth linear?

In my humble opinion, Growth is NOT linear. It is not a straight line that can be extrapolated. Growth in its true essence is spiral. It involves aspects of expansion and consolidation.

The phase of consolidation is very important from two key perspectives. Consolidation, first gives us a breather to view the panorama from our new vantage point. It allows us to take in the scenario from our new position and thereby helping us from being surprised by sudden dynamics.

Consolidation also is a time for preparation. Preparation for taking the next leap(expansion). It allows us to organize and structure ourselves to support the newer dimension we are growing into as a firm.

In the absence of consolidation, we will find ourselves overshooting our internal capabilities  Thereby, creating a very weak structure, liable of being toppled any minute.

So as leaders planning growth of our firm, and as individuals who are planning personal growth – it is necessary we ensure we have spent enough time and thought in consolidation


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