Process Of Growth

Everything that needs to be effective has to have an underlying process that is designed and thought of. So should growth.Process of Growth

After having shared with you aspects of growth that travelled with me this week, I would like to place in front of you what I see as a possible process map that we may want to take for our growth journey. The journey should be undertaken in four key stages. Desiring, Planning, Organizing and Measuring.

In the ‘Desiring for Growth’ stage we identify, define and refine the growth motivator (not motivators). We as individuals and as team spend time and effort to understand the ‘WHY’ of our growth journey. This not only sets a common purpose, growth goals etc but serves as a channeliser for our subsequent efforts. This is the key to creating organizational alignment.

In the ‘Planning for Growth’ stage, we step down from wanting to grow to drawing of a more concrete action plan. This starts with an objective assessment our current internal capabilities, our expansion capability (resource elasticity), the steps that we would be taking at tactical and strategic levels, assessing resource requirements for each step and the plan for garnering these resources

The third and the most often ignored phase is the ‘Organizing for Growth’ stage. Very often once you have decided where you want to go, with very little planning, the actions are kick-started. And once you start actually growing, the pressure that it exerts on your already resource constrained current scenario – causes you to either burst at your seams or give up in frustration. Organizing for growth involves you to consolidate, restructure and prepare yourself to welcome and absorb all the demands that the act of ‘Growing’ is going to place on you.

In the ‘Measuring Growth’ stage, you constantly monitor the pre-decided vital parameters that confirm you are growing and growing in the proper direction.

I have enclosed as an image a slide which will give you some insights into key questions that can help you understand and execute these stages in your growth journey,

Happy Growing!


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