Interesting Links This Week: 31-Mar-2013

These are this week’s picks:576px-BlackClock1000ppx

a) For someone who keeps looking out for enhancing productivity, this seemed as a great article – until I reached the last point. An interesting read and something that would resonate with many of us

b) It really doesn’t qualify as a complete link. But as I am toying with ideas around networking as a topic for my upcoming writing efforts, this got me thinking. Loved the concept of ‘multiplex tie’

c) If you don’t measure you cannot manage. But you cannot manage just because you measure! Tips for designing performance dashboards.


2 thoughts on “Interesting Links This Week: 31-Mar-2013

  1. Great links certainly worth sharing! I’ve found a lot of articles of inspiration from Inc as well. Their article takes some strong positions – like cutting out building your personal brand unless you ARE the product. I guess I can somewhat agree, but I do think in every business we are the brand and should be careful about the image we portray. Even if it’s just an hour each week, I think this is time well spent.

    1. Thanks for sharing your views. And I do agree with you to a large extent. The firm’s personality gets influenced strongly by the founder’s quality. In the initial days the firm is you! And even as the firm evolves, it will be touched by our image and value systems albeit to varying extents. Any amount of time that is spent on evolving into a better person is completely worth the investment.

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