Go Ahead Fool Yourself !!

First April every year is celebrated world over as Fool’s Day.  I don’t know the origin of how it came into being, but from my 209px-Joker_red_02_svgyoungest years I can recall this day has been used to fool people.  Children play pranks on each other and loudly declare “APRIL FOOL” and feel victorious at their effort. This joy remains till the act is reversed. Even elders who we can call us grown up children attempt to play pranks on their near and dear ones.  If you are yet to do something like this today, don’t wait – just unleash the child in you and live another moment!

As I saw people play soft pranks at each other, a lot of questions started storming at me. While the attempt to answer questions initially seemed philosophical and sombre, the more I stayed with them the more I started laughing at the answers that were emerging. I shall share my questions, answers and the resultant smiles with you over some other posts. But here I want to share just one thought on how FOOLs day can actually help achieve transformation within us.

I realised today fooling yourself is the easiest way to develop a positive habit.  This thought brought to my mind a book that I had shared with all of you recently – “The Power of Habit”. The author’s description of habit loop on the surface seems so simple that it can get easily rubbished as being silly.  It talks about how by creating a sense of reward, habits can be cultivated. But I understood the power of rewards best today!

What is stopping us from creating a habit around what we always wanted to do – let’s say exercising, studying, reading, walking, dieting etc? Most often it is the lack of conviction on the returns which most often remain elusive and far-fetched. But if we can fool ourselves to believe that with this day’s walk, all the fat accumulated in your arteries will dissolve, with this one piece of writing you can achieve greatness, with this one visit to the gym you can become size zero – you will willingly get onto to the activity. You keep promising yourself that at the end of this day’s practice lies the pot of gold!

Once you finish the activity, you will realise that you will have to do it again the next morning and probably all that will be left at the end of that day is also just an option to make one more attempt. You will be stuck by the stupidity of believing that today would be THE D-day.  But instead of getting cynical – go ahead and laugh at yourself for being gullible.  So tell yourself, fool yourself that result is there waiting for you at the end of this one attempt – and when you don’t get it; just wish yourself “Happy April Fool!” and repeat this all over the next day.

The funniest thing will be as you fool yourself into action repeatedly, the result will start blossoming. And when you experience the results – you don’t have to fool yourself anymore. The hope that the habit may do you good is changes to conviction. I have wished myself Fool’s Day today and I truly hope every one of you will do!


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