Vedantic Wednesday: In the journey back home, earlier the better!

Almost every teacher of Vedanta, without exception, keeps harping on the importance of kick-starting your learning into Beach_hike_Colvos_Passagespirituality at the earliest. Though this is told to us even at times in hard hitting ways, rarely do we make a beginning. Almost every attempt to make a beginning faces great resistance from various forces including:

  •  Pressing priorities of life that takes precedence
  •  The question of what will we get if we learn?
  • The thought that people learn this only after retirement
  • Friends think I am taking to it because I’m a loser in life

And so on…

None of these are reasons in the real sense, they are excuses! But I would say they are not even excuses. Why? Because, you make excuses to delay doing what you want to as you have other more important desires to fulfill. But in this case, do you even want to? Very often most people hardly understand what spirituality is for. Most people resort to religion as a last resort when all known options have been exhausted. So if we don’t understand the value of something, why will we even want it?

So when I asked one of these master’s why he keeps lecturing over and over again knowing fully well, most (if not all) come to his classes more as a stress buster than for real learning – his answer was: we are not sure which of the thoughts will trigger a thought process, on whom and when! So having acquired the knowledge and experienced the freedom that comes from putting it to practice, his job is to simply keep sharing. He has no expectations on how many will come, how many will learn, how many will seek more, etc. All he knows is that he has been ordained to share, and he will.

So, why is this emphasis on starting early? Because the more we interact with the world, the more desires and memories we accumulate. The more we accumulate the more there is to throw away. It is like a mirror which is accumulating dirt. The more dirt, the longer it takes to clean it. Hence the urgent call by all masters to understand what’s happening. So the effort to be taken is to listen to these teachers and sit back and reflect on the truth in what they are saying.  When we realize it, we must start taking steps to slow down, stop and change course.

It will be tough but it has to be done sometime. So why not now? The more the initiative, the most nature aids in catalyzing your process. So go ahead and think if you want to delay further the start of the journey back home.


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