Teaching entrepreneurship to Children!

It’s my first visit to the much talked about green campus of Great Lakes at Manamai near Mahabalipuram. What got me 800px-SNCF_TGV_PSE_Viaduc_de_Cize_-_Bolozonexcited about the trip was the fact that I would be spending about two days with a handful of entrepreneurial school kids from PS Schools, Mylapore in Chennai. They are here to learn an optional elective course that Great Lakes and PS School run jointly to expose the kids in their 11th standard on aspects around Entrepreneurship and Business Management. Though I keep visiting colleges teaching engineering and MBA students on strategy and entrepreneurship, the fact that I will be teaching school kids the very same thing got me thrilled. My experience has cleared some statements that I have been hearing from many quarters (faculty, educators, administrators, parents etc) regarding the education system in this country and how outlook and attitude of students are taking a serious downturn.  In these kids there is:

No lethargy! The energy and enthusiasm of the kids simply did not let me sit quietly for a minute. They kept at  activities. There was interest to learn, have fun and enjoy the learning.

No post-lunch challenges! My session in fact started post lunch and my God! I could not believe the energy. Not even one of them was remotely sluggish. Not even one seemed drowsy. Though credit could be given to the pedagogy, I believe it’s the kids that made the difference.

No inhibitions! No pretensions! No worries! That’s being happy and that’s the only condition in which one can truly learn.

No distractions! There was emphasis on self regulated behavior. Whenever the sessions would begin, they would ensure that they get everyone inside the class quickly and on time. In case there is a joke or a discussion and we want to return to the session, they would amongst themselves quickly help each other to regain focus.

No complaints! On the contrary, there was positivism, energy, zeal, aspiration, and noncompetitive performance spirit. I loved that! Rarely do we get to see kids who can share ideas and spend time without worrying about competition.

On the whole I am excited and inspired. You can see that in my words. I am back in class today as well and I hope to get infected by their spirit and enthusiasm. Being truly child like is what makes life exciting. The moment we drop it, we become a robot (ok let me not be so dramatic, let’s say almost one)!


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