Books and Me: The Referral Of A Lifetime

Title: The referral of a Lifetime

Author: Tim Templeton

Tim Templeton’s book is the first in the Blanchard’s Series with Berrett-Koehler. Having read a number of Ken Blanchard’s 123914246books, I am a fan like many others to his style of writing and the messages embedded in them.  Using fables to convey important messages is probably not new. But the titles with Ken Blanchard’s name on the cover have a signature style of their own.

Many entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals will relate to the protagonist of the story Susie McCumber.  All of them would have the same query. How some people seem to have things going their way all the time, and that too without the kind of effort that they put into the game?

The answer is fairly straight forward. And most of us may have been told that in the field of business like in many others – ‘Who you know is more important than what you know’.

In an effort to know a lot of people most of us  spend large amounts of time attending events, conferences, seminars etc with a hope of making  those magical relationships that can catalyze business growth.  Though we may have seen, some success in spurts the very fact of turning it into a repeatable process seems irrational and daunting. As you go through the book, this is taught through the wonderful character of “Mr. Highground” on how to unlock the gift of building and sustaining relationships. The book gives tactical steps on how to implement the four principles that fortifies the proposed networking system. The book also provides a number of simple templates and suggestions to make the system practical and usable.

In my view, the system though simple would work equally well for both one-man offices to  large corporate houses.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book which definitely did make me share the book and the thought with my colleagues to see how quickly we can apply the tips in our business. I hope it will excite you too!


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