Convenience over Choice

Almost every business leader / entrepreneur worth the name is busy trying to get things back to normal. They are all workingOstrich-man-head-in-sand harder than usual, managing people who are more demanding than usual, handling situations that are tougher than usual, marshaling and juicing out resources more than usual. In this process one thing that the leader does not want to let go is the image of being the ‘good man’. Not sure if this is a cultural thing in India! But this is almost natural in Indian Leaders!

Objectivity today seems to be ebbing away to lower and lower levels. No leader wants to objectively assess the business and its current state. They all want to keep the fairly obvious problems under the carpet, hoping they will disappear by themselves – somehow magically! In the meantime because of the lack of objectivity leaders are forced to find symptoms that are conveniently addressable without toppling the cart too much. In fact during these times maintaining the status quo seems to be the order of the day. Initiatives are more around improving marketing collateral, re-positioning the same product or service, greater networking and repairing old relationships. Nobody wants to accept the situation as is and aim at using the challenge as an early warning towards sickness! If only one acknowledges the challenge, can they start working on relooking at health of the enterprise. For this, one has to first answer the most fundamental question in strategy – “what’s going on here?”

This is not convenient! This is not an easy choice! This could put some products on the sledge! This could make the institution leaner! But it could also make the institution healthier! It is the forte of bold leaders, the entrepreneurial leaders to make tough choices and avoid comforting conveniences.  Are you such a leader? Wherever you are – get out on the scene, make the choices and you will make yourself visible. Your business and the world needs more of such leaders!

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