Vedantic Wednesday: Being a ‘Witness’ is the real ‘Secret’

The literature on the power of thoughts – keeping them positive and using these positive thoughts as a way of modifying the 2012-wildebeest-fightworld around us to be how we expect, is not new.  The category of self-help predominantly uses the positive mind-set philosophy as the basis for all achievements. Though “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill was not the first book to highlight the power of positive thoughts, it has definitely been a phenomenal influence in its own right, apart from serving as a catalyst to the genre as a whole.  In more recent times, “The Secret” turned the same concept with a different flavour into an even greater phenomenon. While I have been an ardent reader of works based on the “Law of Attraction”, something contrary to this showed up glaringly as I started learning Vedanta.

The ancient Indian philosophy takes a diametrically opposite stance on the prescriptive action while also acknowledging the power of the mind. Since the world itself is said to be a projection of the mind, attracting or repelling objects and beings is but it’s inherent power.  While the “Law of Attraction” school of thinkers have suggested ways to manipulate the external world so as to satisfy the mind or the individual, the Indian school of thought Vedanta, talks of doing away with the mind and accepting everything as is without any manipulation/ interference. This is broadly termed as ‘Sakshi Bhava’ . Over the last two days I have been sharing some thoughts related to keeping positive and being neutral as options that are available to a leader.  In line with that, I thought it best to share what Vedanta suggests as the best way to transact with the world.

Maintaining the stance of a witness, to all that happens in the world is set to bring about a strange kind of calmness. Experiencing and maintaining the calmness helps the individual to go through life’s transactions with little stress and strain.  The reduced friction creates the much needed peace of mind in today’s turbulent lives. While attaining the above referred to state of being namely that of a witness (‘Sakshi’) may not be easy, even after accepting its possibility – it is worthy of attempt!


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