The Need For Neutrality

The last aspect on this week’s discussion is also based on some strong questions, responses and discussions. Are there places FujiSunriseKawaguchiko2025WPor situations in business where one of the schools of thinking (positive, negative, neutral) becomes more applicable than the other?

An individual’s approach in general gets defined by their ability to apply one particular school of thinking across various situations. However, most individuals find it extremely difficult to stay with one school of thinking.  This is because of the innumerable expectation that others have vis-a-vis the desires within the themselves. The conflict between the two makes most individuals vacillate between the schools of thinking. The factor that decides the approach in most cases, depends on the expectation that one places on the outcome of the situation.

At a superficial level it seems like we should alternate judiciously between the positive and the negative approaches. However, the more we swing to one side, the more we will be forced to swing to the other. This is the law of life.  This constant back and forth between positive and negative state of thinking by itself brings stress on the individual, apart from sending confusing signals to others around.

Though the ideal solution in my humble opinion is to stray as little as possible from the neutral to either side across all situations – this requires tremendous conviction and faith to implement. The reason why conviction and faith are so critical is because most people may not appreciate this approach in the immediate term.  The approach of maintaining neutrality is one that changes fundamentally the way we interact and transact with the world.  And like any other debated and discussed transformational change, the results cannot be sensed overnight. However over time it brings more stability and less friction on the individual practicing it.

In today’s world where peace and happiness seem elusive, this is yet another small change in business lifestyle and otherwise that could make the chances of reaching these twin goals more plausible.  In fact this could well be our only way!


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