Books and Me: Spiritual Initiation – What it is?

Title: Spiritual Initiation – What it is?images (1)

Author: Swami Bhuteshananda    

Most of us stay away from spirituality because of the fear of the ocher robe. To most of us spirituality means giving up on life.  Where has this assumption come from?

As it is popularly said – a lie told hundred times becomes the truth. When majority of people especially the influencers, in a society give this color to spirituality, most of us end up accepting this as the truth. If you take a small step towards searching the answer yourself, you will realize that nothing inspires living life to its fullest as the tenets of spirituality. And one’s journey in this path starts with initiation.

In the vast arena of spiritual knowledge, the aspect of initiation itself is subject to myths, opinions, colors and methods. This little booklet from Sri Ramakrishna Math, not only demystifies what Diksha or initiation, but it also describes with stories and examples what initiation means, what responsibility it places on the spiritual aspirant and how it can lead to a peaceful and fulfilled life.

I am a big fan of the Ramakrishna-Vivekananda literature and the amazing  service that the publication arm of the math takes up, in bringing beautifully produced books containing the messages of wisdom at accessible prices.  It amazes me every time I visit the store and pick a book.  It is the same with this book too!

This book at the minimum will remove the various apprehensions we have towards spiritual initiation. It will prove a good start point for all of us who are starting on our spiritual quest!


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