Over Talented But Under Satisfied

Every one of us is good at many things. Infact with every passing generation the number of things we are good at is just 500px-Sad_panda_svgincreasing. What somebody used to study with difficulty at the graduate level, is now being easily understood and cracked at higher secondary level. But is that not how evolution should proceed?

With every one of us becoming more talented – and most often over talented – why is it that majority of us remain dissatisfied over our achievements? Why is it that most of us still seek tools for prioritization, take self-assessment tests to figure out areas of focus, read self help books and tools to remain motivated?

Why is the over talented 21st century human being is not even as happy as his 19th century pre-industrial era counterpart?

Over the last two weeks, during many of my mentoring sessions, I observed this interesting pattern amongst my mentees. They are all talented, high performers. They are all extremely successful by many standards. When they come to meet me we discuss how they can be better. The one thing that gets asked is ‘ How can i get more done in a work week? Do i need time management? Prioritization? Motivation? Or is there something else? I just don’t seem to be doing enough of the right thing…”

The dissatisfaction seems to be stemming from the fact that the effort is not coherent and coordinated in a particular direction. While a lot of actions is being done, lots of things are being achieved and that too with great efficiency, the question of satisfaction and resultant happiness keeps cropping up at regular intervals.

I am beginning to think that the solution rests in just two simple steps. First. understanding the areas that we are good at but don’t enjoy doing. Second, just dropping them.  Dropping them at the cost of efficiency, dropping them at cost of returns and results.

I leave the above as a trigger for your thoughts. Would be glad to receive your inputs on this too…


2 thoughts on “Over Talented But Under Satisfied

  1. Don’t think dropping activities that we don’t enjoy doing would be a practical thing to do. If there was such a freedom most of us would give up our jobs asap. sometimes even artists who follow their heart and paint and create music find themselves not enjoying the chosen vocation. Its just a state of mind. Sometimes I have experienced being in a meditative state while doing certain tasks that I absolutely hate doing.

    In today’s age and world, being multi talented is no more an advantage, its a prerequisite and a survival mechanism.

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