Books and Me: If you Want to Write

Title:  If you Want to Write9781935785576

Author: Brenda Ueland

I am not sure if I would have ever landed upon this book had it not been for Guy Kawasaki’s  recommendation on his blog.  I am a fan of Guy’s work and since he said that this book inspired him , I immediately got myself a copy.

The author makes an earnest pitch for everyone of us to write.  I think the book is very aptly titled with the most important word ‘WANT’ in it.  Who doesn’t?

During the course of my work I meet atleast 50 new people every month. Some of them are very senior, very experienced, holding powerful positions with great influence. Somewhere when they realise that I have written couple of books, the discussion immediately shifts to how much they have to say, share and publish. So I used to wonder why they actually haven’t? The book provides many more answers to the question than what I have heard from those who have not written.

Though the book begins with writing as the focus, as you reach the end of the book you will realise, that it moves slowly into the realm of philosophy, and it cannot be otherwise. A lot of the messages from the book are applicable in every form of art and not just writing. The author also makes references to numerous other artistes and artiste turned philosophers. I especially found the reference to William Blake, Leo Tolstoy and Van Gogh extremely inspiring.

I am sure I will be reading some of their writings soon.  A definitely inspirational read but not in the way we understand inspiration!


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