World Book and Copyright Day!

Did you celebrate? What did you do? It is increasingly becoming a fun thing to find out what day of the year it is – Dad’s day800px-SanDiegoCityCollegeLearingRecourceCity-bookshelf, Mom’s day, Friend’s day and so on… In similar lines today is World Books Day and also World Copyrights Day (are we combining days because we are running short of them in the calendar?)

Being an author, a voracious reader and an avid collector of books, I was delighted to know that today was an important day for me. Thanks to the papers to let me know that and the Government to put out half page advertisements to highlight the importance of it! But usually if it was any other day I would have found great traffic on twitter or FB to know about it – but understandably it was not so today. Reading habit is on the decline even among students! Surprising but true! While all stakeholders are giving enough excuses why there is justification for such a trend – I beg to strongly differ. It is just that we are not encouraging the young minds to read more. We are allowing them to avoid it by providing alternate quick fixes (Example: Guides / Solved answers, etc) – but this is going to make almost a whole generation graduate with “half knowledge” – who is concerned?

When I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners without exception they have very poor reading habits. Most of them aver books. However everyone of them without fail talk about the super star entrepreneurs of the previous generation and also number of ones from contemporary life – all of whom had found reading as an important skill for not just success in business but also in life at large.

The excuse that I get to hear is that entrepreneurship is all about “doing” and business is about “getting things done in the field”. In both these activities there is no need to read books. Why did so many successful people identify reading as an important activity in their lives and also recommend it to so many others? Because reading widens an individual’s world view, it broadens his / her thinking, and allows liberal thinking to set in. This allows entrepreneurs / business owners and other successful people to seek avenues for inclusive growth (which is rare today!)

Copyrights – less said the better! Ask any artist, be it a writer, singer, musician, painter, etc and all of them detest reproduction especially ones that don’t even respect to acknowledge the original. I have nothing much to say here except the fact that if individuals are not allowed to open their minds towards giving credit to others – we cannot stop plagiarism and IP infringement!

Today being a day to celebrate these two aspects of an artist’s world, I thought I will use this opportunity to share the following two suggestions:

  1. Read widely and voraciously – it helps you appreciate life! It enables you open up and grow as an individual.
  2. Give credit liberally and openly – try to extend work and take it to the next level after giving the right credit.

If we do the above two, we will be able to collaborate and benefit mutually. Don’t you think?


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