The Gen-Y Student

I got the feel of  Gen-Y Students as I interacted with some school children last month! The image you see is Imagethe pains that a student took to sketch me, while I was taking equal pains to teach them aspects of Entrepreneurship! This attempt and subsequent conversation around this brought out to me how students have evolved over the last two decades (when I was a student)!

When we were students our sketch of our teachers were our expressions of frustration at either the subject or the teacher. Not an expression of artistic drive!

Even if it was a positive expression, we would never dare to show it to our teachers! But this student was quite easy on gifting me this lovely drawing.

I had told him I would post it on the blog. But as I was travelling I could not scan it. However after giving me enough time of two weeks, he politely reminded me that I have not yet posted it, and requested if I could do it.  The tone and the earnestness made the task get done. As a student I would not have had the temerity to push on with my teacher. In my era they were best left alone after class!

I find this ability of today’s students to be positive, be confident, be trusting and willing to talk to teachers definitely an evolution on the positive side.  Not only do they challenge us in class, but very often they goad us to push our own limits of understanding at the levels of subject and life! I am glad I am teaching these Gen-Y Students. However, I could not shake out the feeling that somewhere between school and college this spirit gets eroded in our students. Why and How is something that requires attention of all involved. It is time we put together thoughts on how the energy present in a school student can be preserved till they reach college.

This sketch was made by Anirudh! Thank you Anirudh for the sketch and all the very best !!


3 thoughts on “The Gen-Y Student

  1. Hello, Raj Shanker. Greetings
    While reading your this post i also felt that Gen- y students are simply the capsule of positivity, courage, confidence and a great zeal to excel. which must be directed. These students are able to present the equal challenges for us which makes us always growing and progressing……

    1. Bang on point ma’am! I absolutely agree with your views. In fact what you have pointed out as characteristics / behaviors are very visible while in class. They need direction and to give them direction teachers need to be enabled with tools and techniques. Apart from all this i think the next generation of teachers will need to be powered with a very different kind of patience and tolerance if they are to channel this energy in a useful way. Happy to know that you liked the post and took time to share your thoughts. Hope to converse more in the future…

  2. Anirudh happens to be my school mate, he linked me here.

    I think we represent a transit between traditional students, and the “new age” ones. Simply because teachers at large haven’t quite yet been accustomed to the scenario.

    But still, right now, the things I see around schools is very healthy, and the transition thus far has been smooth.

    The “new age” teachers, would probably adopt better.

    Just my 2c.

    Thank you OP, for making this observation.

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