Vedantic Wednesday: Anger Awareness

Starting from where I left off last week, we need to explore ways to avoid getting angry and if we737px-Psittacula_krameri_-angry-6get angry find methods to control it. Hence instead of anger management (that happens once it is felt), it should be handling anger (that involves activities from sensing it right till we defuse it). This is an attempt to slowly reach a stage when we never get angry.

The most telling benefit as already spoken about, is its effect on our immune system. Once you have lesser instances of anger attacks, you remain calmer, have less variation in your body parameters and therefore have an opportunity to develop a healthy body.

What I am sharing below is definitely not the last word on the subject, but an approach that has worked (atleast from the personal experience). The first method that we will discuss here is becoming aware of our anger. By being aware about the change taking place in your mind you can catch it early. The second method is by analyzing the basis / underlying reason for your anger – is it the trigger or is there something deeper?

The first method requires us to come to terms with the fact that we lose our cool more than we think we do! It is a fact! We are always too liberal with ourselves when it comes to judging behavior. The basis for this approach is that when you catch yourself turning angry early, you can actually defuse it faster. Being aware of the fact that you can unnecessarily lose your cool increases the chances of early detection. Early detection leads to the possibility of stopping yourself before the momentum catches up. Once you get a tingling that you are about to lose your cool – stop. Quickly take a break from the situation the moment you know you could be on the way to an anger attack. A short walk, a quick face wash, a walk to the rest room, a few deep breaths of fresh air, a good coffee/tea, etc can make a huge difference. When you get back at the least you have a chance to relook at the situation once again!

If you want to check this out, why don’t you consciously try getting angry? Today pick a person and decide you are going to get angry with them as soon as you see them. Work on telling yourself you are going to be rude, harsh and will shout or even break things. What happens? Most often you find it comical rather than it fueling your anger. Anger is an emotion that is involuntary. It takes over you only when you are not aware of it. So if you become aware of you getting angry – you already have won half the battle.


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