The Power of ‘We’

Last couple of weeks I have been intensely engaging with entrepreneurs and small business owners through workshops onherdofelephants-403966 growth for early stage companies . One thing that invariably comes up for discussion is the challenge of finding the right people!

We discuss tools for opportunities, vision, business models, finance and all others – but the singular stumbling block we hear from entrepreneurs is: but who is going to execute all these? Don’t be perplexed at this question! Doesn’t the answer seem too obvious – the entrepreneur (that is you)!

No! I always share the fact (not my opinion) that, companies in India never grow beyond a certain size simply because of this attitude – the attitude of the entrepreneur keeping most of the important portfolios (if not all) with himself. Almost always he/she takes pride in the fact that they work so hard to handle multiple activities. They also make it amply clear that they will not get people as passionate as themselves (audacious / arrogant)! The reasoning is that if anyone did have it, they would have become entrepreneurs themselves.

These above opinions have almost become widely accepted half-truths! People are asked to come to terms with it. You will have to learn to multi-task, one will not find passionate talent, etc.,. But every single instance of a successful company (be it India or anywhere else in the world) displays the power of a group. The power of a group of people coming together to achieve a distant dream!

How did these successful entrepreneurs find a quality A-Team? From where did they get these passionate people? Who are these people who seem to understand the entrepreneur’s vision and partake in the journey? These and associated questions are simply brushed away by saying these entrepreneurs were “plain lucky” to get such team members. Very sad indeed!

If only each of us a leaders of our businesses, take the effort to identify the changes that we need to bring in ourselves and our system to attract and create such an A-Team; and muster the courage to go ahead and share the control  and dream; the ‘I’ in no time would become the ‘We’.

So what’s your plan for your A-Team?


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