You Don’t Get an A-Team!

Yesterday I shared with you my firm belief which has been proven time and again, that the success of an entrepreneurial 800px-Hen_with_chickens_in_native_breedingventure is significantly dependent on having an A-Team

During the last few workshops we had some local entrepreneurs who have been successful come and share their experiences as well as answer some queries of the early stage entrepreneur aspirants. When it came to the question of people – the one thing that came out very clear is that they were not able to find those talented boys and girls as well. They seemed to have suffered the same challenge. Its what they did after that, which made all the difference.

When they could not recruit their A–Team, they went ahead and created that A-Team. So my biggest take away from these panel discussions with so many successful but less celebrated entrepreneurs is that “creating an A-Team” is the solution to “finding an A-Team”. I shall look up my notes (I made some detailed ones) and share some of the tips and tricks that they used to create talent when they could not find them.

But in the meantime currently in India as entrepreneurs and small business owners need to scale their enterprises, they need to find talent – right talent. Without the right talent most businesses are going to remain where they are! This may sound like a doomsday prediction, but truth has always been bitter.

The solution is converting people into the talent that we need. It is a tough job, but as one entrepreneur shared, it is probably one thing that you will pat yourself for when you look back after many years. I am also sure it is the single most satisfying thing one may every end up doing in the process of creation of wealth – the process of creating talent..


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