Health and Productivity!

I have been indisposed for the last two days. It has been bothering me and its had its impact on what I do. I have had to 800px-Running_Racereduce my work and over a couple of days one feels that one’s output has come down significantly. So on days like these I reflect upon the good advice that elders give me – take care of your health. Health comes first!! And more…

Since I have been conducting workshops on growth over the last few months and will be doing a few more this month as well – I began wondering if this would apply to firms as well. Absolutely! Wouldn’t it?

If the organization is not healthy how can it perform? But who cares about organization health? And for that matter who is even bothered about it as they press the pedal on performance? Who takes the time to understand it? Is my organization healthy – how do I know?  Lot more questions than answers, and understandably so..

To continue the post – the same applies to the entrepreneur as well. Especially during the early years. The entrepreneur is going to be overworked during the formative years of the organization. The stress levels are also going to be high during these years. Though the health of the entrepreneur at this time begs attention, it is not the one that is on top of his mind.

The last few days have reiterated that entrepreneurs need to ensure they don’t lose sight of their health during these years. They need to spend time to exercise and relax, eat healthy food and especially ensure their sleep habits are in place. If these are not taken care of, the journey may be intense but will become a sprint , not a marathon. The idea of many sprints also requires one to know when to stop sprinting consciously – not to stop when you can’t go further. When one stops driven by exhaustion  restarting becomes very difficult.

Think about it. I shall also share some posts during my Sunday curation on health and lifestyle tips from some experts.


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