Enjoy Early – At what cost?

This write-up is inspired by an interaction that I had this afternoon with a young energetic chap in his mid-twenties – who when asked what he wants to do replied “Retire by 40!”  After he left, this answer lingered behind for a long time. What also hit me was the fact his fitness seemed far from supporting this intention!

Today a lot more youngsters are falling prey to lifestyle diseases. It looks like economic development has this silent side Djupfjorden,_2010_09effect! Slowly and steadily we are falling prey to this silent epidemic. The sad part is there are a lot of enabling factors in the ecosystem that is also encouraging this trend. Food is one of the main culprits! Quality of food is dropping. Food options are increasing – not all of them truly healthy! Fast food almost means we end up accumulating a lot more fat. Eating also has become a break, a reason to get up from the uncomfortable office couch!

The next is orthopedic issues (back, joint, neck, arms, etc). The increasing number of clinics in this space and the numerous paramedical solutions are only an indication of the growing problem. Why is this happening? Simply because we are all working really hard. Working hard sitting at our seats doing so called knowledge work! Think again!

No doubt that our economic returns are increasing by this aggresive approach, but it is also increasing the pressure to enjoy early in life. This leads to people doing things that they could have done over 40 years in 10 years. Hastening life and everything in life is causes stress.

Why not stop for a second and look at what’s happening? As Nandan Nilekani shared during his Ted talk – let us not lose focus and turn out greatly spoken about asset (youth) into a huge liability!

Think! That’s really what’s needed if we are relying on the Gen Next to take us places…


5 thoughts on “Enjoy Early – At what cost?

  1. As for the myriad food options, they are also made/developed by entrepreneurs. So it’s kind of a paradox. Either we have to consume to keep the economy growing or reduce the consumption for health reasons (not just physical) but that’d taper down the growth.

  2. Hi,

    I enjoy reading the content here..

    One q for u here?

    Are there any initiatives taken and implemented in particular by the government to ensure a holistic economic development?

    1. Happy to know that you read and like the blog posts!

      Many schemes / initiatives of the government are well designed and some of them lose effectiveness in implementation. Initiatives of the Department of Science and Technology, NSTEDB, Department of Biotechnology, etc are having schemes that have helped number of students to turn into entrepreneurs. UGC’s schemes have turned a lot of people into researchers and teachers. Welfare schemes such as the MGNREGA also were very well designed, but have not seen adequate results in implementation. We cannot squarely blame the government for this as well.

      Most of the schemes in India are well designed. After all it is accepted the world over that we are fairly intelligent. But where we lose it all is in implementation. Why? There are many reasons. People have not been adequately educated to implement. Especially when inclusiveness is being built we need people who are more empathetic and service oriented to conduct the sharing of resources. But when the people involved in the disbursement feel that they are themselves not adequately resourced then there are too many problems. So why is the so called education system not helping? Education needs to be more liberal if this aim is to be achieved, but most of our education is now leading to jobs. Broadminded, character rooted, liberal, etc should be the qualities of the products that our education system provides.

      Schemes / Initiatives will be better designed and announced, but the truth remains that all this will work only if we have a society which believes that i should ensure that i don’t take what is not mine. Tough expectation!!

      1. Xactly. You hit right on target..for a country so diverse and populated, it is a big ask.but ths saying constantly echoes in my mind…”yatha raja thatha praja”…we need some movement that would inspire and transform..

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