Books and Me: The Little Black Book Of Innovation

Book Title:  The Little Black Book Of Innovation1422171728

Author: Scott D. Anthony

Innovation is a buzzword today. The term jugaad being associated with it has only catalyzed its usage in our geography. Almost anything that is slightly different is categorized under this subject. Innovation is also touted to be the game changing tool for emerging enterprises. While there are hundreds of books on innovation, the little black book of innovation is more like an introductory book for practitioners.  It brings  a good blend, of theoretical references and their practical adaptations. It demystifies numerous illusions that so many of us carry on the field with regards to the subject.  A very interesting chapter on the author’s selected ten innovation masters, also introduces the reader to more worlds and bodies of literature. While some aspects of the book tend to have American references, I believe it will not come in the way of grasping the essence of the book’s intention by a non-american reader.

The second part of the book contains a suggested 28 days innovation program. This four week program is structured around four broad groups or stages namely , discovering opportunities, blue printing ideas, assessing and testing ideas and moving forward.  The overall themes are then broken down into short day wise suggestions on behaviors and practices.  Each of those chapters contain interesting anecdotes, cases, how to tips, exercises and references for further reading.

The interesting trend that I am beginning to see in recent books including this, is the references to blogs and websites rather than papers and books. This in my opinion is bound to increase. There is also a list of interesting books put together by the author relating to the various topics discussed in the book.

Overall the book is an easy and interesting read.  It is written with practitioner in  mind and contains number of triggers which may make you put the book down and start doing something about innovation.  I am sure the author will be delighted if this happens!

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