On Mother’s Day

Not one for celebrating days, but this is one day that I truly believe should be on every one’s agenda – if not everyday at least Mother's_lovetoday.

What comes to our mind when we think of ‘Mother’? Words care, love, selfless giving, nurturing, protecting, her smile, her patience and so on. All these words that we use to describe our mother if you see is true for those forces that create and protect not only us as individuals, but the whole wide world.

Let us take a look at Mother Earth.  You can see in her the same patience, the care, the selfless giving, her endless forbearance.  Look at Mother Nature. You can see every aspect that you enjoyed in the folds of your mother’s sari, to extend to include you and all other living creatures. Obviously just as your mother would remonstrate you gently when you become self-destructive, these forces also attempt to remind us of the right way to live our lives – that too in our own interests.

The word ‘Mother’ to me represents that force that creates protects and nurtures another life, selflessly. The word ‘Mother’ represents the reason for our life and living. In all humility today, I as a son would want to acknowledge and express my gratitude to all the manifestations of the force called ‘Mother’ – which is the reason for my very existence and sustenance.

Happy Mother’s Day!


One thought on “On Mother’s Day

  1. Yes, i agree with you that our exixtence and sustenance is just because of our parents and specially mother who had seen so much of hard days to develop us. and its our superime duty to be worried about her. and offer great salute to mother earth.

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