The rigor of the entrepreneurial experiment

This Tuesday’s write-up on start-up and experiments has initiated some interesting conversations. I have had some ask me if I 800px-Gulliver_academymeant that everything about a startup should be left to chance? Am I against process around entrepreneurship? Some even indicated some of my earlier writing and my book were contradictory to the view that startups should adopt the attitude of experiments.

When I mentioned start-up to be akin to experiments, it was not meant to be taken as an approval for the teams to just do whatever they feel like leaving the results to chance. Infact,  an earlier write-up that may give more insights on the meaning of experiments in an entrepreneurial context

Experimenting is not adoption of a devil-may-care attitude. Experiments imply taking intelligent risks with the inbuilt aspects of agility and resilience. When you look at the development of science, you will understand immediately the power of experiments. Every invention came about when the new generation scientist took on to explore the unknown, standing on the fundamentals built by experiments and efforts of the previous generation.  The rigor of scientific enquiry is in its disciplined approach to the undefined. Ask any researcher or any scientist on the level of attention, level of detailing and level of planning that is involved in a serious experiment.

Experiments have to evolve. So every generation of entrepreneurs conduct experiments, and the next generation standing on the ground prepared by them, takes it forward.  The spirit of experimentation coupled with the rigor and the process of conducting experiments is what sustains the thrill of the journey!


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