Books and Me: Little Black Book Of Connections

Book Title:  Little Black Book Of Connections

Author: Jeffrey GitomerJG

In today’s fast paced society, every attempt is made by every person to hasten their achievements as well as the speed at which they are achieved.  Undoubtedly one aspect that almost always receives debatable views when it comes to this is networking. While everyone without exception accepts the fact that who you know is very important in business, what gets debated, discussed, criticized and recommended is the modus operandi around  how you get to know someone and stay connected with them.

In today’s increasingly inter-networked world, various versions of the idea of six degrees of separation are floating around. It is not difficult today to reach even people who would have been impossible to even think of a few years ago. But at the same time as access gets democratized it is becoming increasingly difficult to gain the attention of people we meet and even more difficult to keep them engaged, so as to have the possibility of a relationship. Be it individuals or corporation, everyone is struggling to create sustain, nurture and enhance the relationships for their overall benefit.

Jeffrey Gitomer’s books in general are a pleasure to see, feel and read. They are differently made, differently structured and differently presented. In a way, it is reflective of the author’s thought process and style. And this one is no exception. Also coming from the domain of sales Jeffrey Gitomer is rightly placed to share thoughts on this subject.  The book questions some of the fundamental myths around relationships as well as the art of making connections.

The book is not an off the shelf solution. The book is not a quick fix. In today’s business problems, the book is more like a sounding board which  brings up numerous thoughts about the basic aspects of human relationships. It has a lot of questions scattered all over which serve as a good self evaluation and self guiding tool-kit. Sprinkled through the book are some fundamental truths, interesting quotes , book recommendations, cartoon humor and cases. All these make the book an easy and enjoyable read.

The author also presents tips and tricks, secrets, good practices and some fundamental knowledge which will definitely strengthen our understanding and approach of networking. The book is well structured to provide thoughts on what is networking, why network, how to network, where to network and how to keep the network going.

One reason that forms the underlying philosophy of the book makes the case it presents very strong.  The book states the fundamental basis of networking starts by having something to offer and giving it happily to kick-start the process of networking. I enjoyed reading the book as it is also a subject that is close to my heart.  It is a book that will appeal to almost anyone, anyone who wants to live and succeed in this undeniably networked era!


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