Vedantic Wednesday: Approach to Building an Ecosystem

In general I have observed that there are only two ways to live (at least that’s how the majority of us live): 800px-Morze-bałtyckie-w-mielnie

(a) Correcting others: by finding fault in others

(b) Comforting others: by finding right in others

While it looks very misleading and banal for this to deserve a write-up, a slightly deeper look exposes a serious impact on us.

When we live by constantly identifying and / or highlighting faults or shortcomings in others, it has an impact on us as well. Just observe yourself the next time you criticize another person (especially someone close to you); and you will realize that it hurts you, destabilizes your calmness and increases your rate of breath, etc.,.

On the other hand when we constantly find even a little bit of good in others and highlight it, it enhances our calmness and makes us feel good for a few minutes. This is in fact the result of having produced a smile on another person.

Every one of us has flaws and we keep committing errors all the time. As the errors are not physically damaging and hence we do not recognize them and feel for them. However what is actually happening is that there is a greater hurt being produced mentally / emotionally. And though this is not very visible immediately, it haunts us for a longer time.

Hence it is a great habit to cultivate – the habit of finding and appreciating something good in the behavior or actions of another person. And the best part is that by producing that moment of pleasure in the other person’s life, we are also enhancing our own life.

Isn’t this an important aspect of healthy living? Isn’t this useful in building organizations as well?

Imagine having a group of people who love running to office in the morning because they can meet you! No, it is not a utopian dream – it is the way great organizations were built.

Small changes to how we live in our ecosystem can have a huge bearing on the ecosystem and for those who comprise it!

Think about it!

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